Competitive Exams

National Level Competetive Exams

We have a strong, committed and highly qualified professional team of senior faculty who will train our students for National level exams such as :

  • Engineering Entrance J.E.E. (Mains)
  • Medical Entrance (NEET)
  • NDA Entrance

HIE has designed a Smart integrated programme to ensure success of the students in the competitive exams

Highlights of the Integrated Coaching Programs


  • Well designed Micro schedule and with NCERT - pattern and order of teaching.
  • Class-room teaching +student coaching in working sessions under the supervision of 1+1 faculty.
  • Up to date study material prepared by our own R&D Department.
  • Continuous efforts to increase the conceptual stability and problem solving techniques on one to one basis.
  • Daily Worksheet practice and DPP’s to enhance the speed, accuracy and conceptual depth of the students.


  • Research based target-oriented innovative program to meet the needs of the NEET aspirants.
  • Up to date study material prepared by our own R&D department.
  • Completing 21,000 questions & answers drawn from a variety of concepts related to NEET in each subject in one academic year.
  • Complete and Comprehensive coaching in all 4 core subjects.
    Botany , Zoology :2 hours teaching + 2 hours counseling. Physics, Chemistry : 2hour teaching + 2 hour counseling. Additional 2 hours , evening study hours.
  • every day one DPP-Assignment on (HOTS) Higher order thinking skills on each subject.
  • 110 weekends, Part tests & Grand tests in two years span.

Parent Communication

Academic performance of students will be communicated to the parent on every first week of the month.